Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions

Staff at Carnforth High School will be offering a programme of revision sessions over the Easter holiday. This is a great opportunity for your child to engage in high quality revision to help them prepare for their upcoming GCSE exams, or complete BTEC coursework. Pupils are expected to sign up to these sessions with their teachers beforehand, or they can message teachers via Epraise.

To ensure that everyone gets the most out of these sessions, there are some basic requirements.

  1. Due to high numbers of staff absence due to Covid over the last two weeks, pupils MUST check Epraise before leaving home. If a teacher is going to be absent, they will leave a message on Epraise to cancel the session.
  2. Pupils must arrive to the session on time and with the correct equipment. They do not need to wear school uniform
  3. Pupils must engage fully in the sessions.
  4. Pupils are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour.
  5. Pupils must sign in to the school building on arrival, and should not leave the building until the end of the session, when they will need to sign out. If your child needs to leave a session early, please send them with a note to explain. This ensures that everyone is clear on their whereabouts.

We would be grateful if you could go through these expectations with your child before they attend.

We are offering a rewards incentive for attendance at these sessions. For each session that pupils attend and engage with, they can have a loyalty card signed by their teacher that will entitle them to £1 off their prom ticket, up to a maximum £10 discount.

If you have any queries, please contact Miss Newson at school by telephone, 01524 732424, or email,

For details on when revision sessions are available on a given day, please look at the timetable below:

Easter Revision Sessions

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