In order to help students manage their homework, we use ClassCharts. All students have access to ClassCharts and staff set homework on the system which includes the date set and due for the homework. Staff will also provide access to websites, files and videos which students may need for the homework. Students can track their homework via the system and mark completed pieces to ensure they stay up to date with all work due. We advise students to check ClassCharts on a daily basis to stay up to date.

Parents are also able to log into ClassCharts which means you can support your child with homework tasks more easily.

  • Why is it important?

    •  It extends the work that has been done in class.
    •  It reinforces the work learned in school.
    •  It helps students take responsibility for their own learning.
    •  It trains students in planning and organising their time.
    •  It helps students develop their study and revision skills to help them to achieve higher levels.
  • What are students expected to do?

    •  Check ClassCharts daily to stay up to date with upcoming work.
    •  Plan when they are going to complete their work.
    •  Meet deadlines.
    •  Try to do their homework in a quiet place with no distractions.
    •  Always do the homework as carefully as they can.
    •  If they are absent, students can still check ClassCharts for homework that was given out during in lessons or they can go and   see the class teacher – this is their responsibility.
  • What happens if homework is not done?

    •  This will be reflected in the students’ effort grade.
    •  Students will be given an after school detention and parents will be informed of this. If students complete their homework, prior to the detention, then it will be removed.
    •  Students’ progress and future prospects will suffer.

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