Safeguarding at Carnforth High School

We take the welfare and safeguarding of all of our students seriously at Carnforth High School.

The safeguarding leads in school are:
Mr J Fox (DSL-Assistant Principal)
Mrs J Rogerson (Deputy DSL-Year Leader)

who ensure that all school staff are appropriately trained in safeguarding to be able to identify any concerns in our students, offer support as necessary, and pass on all relevant information to the safeguarding leads swiftly.


We take great care when recruiting new staff, to make certain that they have no convictions against children and all new members of staffs’ safeguarding knowledge is tested during their interview.


All students are supported daily with a Form Tutor and Year Leader. This is someone who students can use for support, or speak to if they have any worries, however students are of course able to discuss any issues they may have with any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable. All our staff onsite are trained to manage disclosures from students and identify concerns, neglect or possible abuse. In addition to named people, the school uses a both a filtering system and a monitoring system to ensure that computer use is appropriate. Any concerns surrounding internet searches, images seen, or websites that students may try to access are flagged up immediately for the safeguarding leads to investigate.


At Carnforth High School one way we receive information of serious welfare and safeguarding issues is via a system called Encompass. Encompass enables the police and children’s social care to pass on information regarding safeguarding concerns of Carnforth High students. All such information is received by Mr Fox who ensure that any students who are affected are spoken to and given any additional support they may need.


Information is received and shared on a strictly “need to know” basis and the privacy of our students and their families is respected.


There are occasions when our students are at risk. If this is thought to be the case, the school acts quickly in making appropriate referrals to try to arrange the best support possible from the most appropriate place.


If you have any issues you would like to discuss with our safeguarding leads, please do not hesitate to contact them. Equally, if you suspect a child may be being harmed, please contact children’s social care on 0300 123 6720, by calling the Police on 101 or 999 or to speak to Mr Fox or Mrs Rogerson who are both very experienced in the field of safeguarding and child protection.

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Staff use their well-honed practices to quickly provide pupils with support that is well matched to their needs.
Staff use their well-honed practices to quickly provide pupils with support that is well matched to their needs.