Key Information

In this section of the website, you will find pages relating to the performance of Carnforth High School for our students, as well as statutory information for admissions and safeguarding. You will also find all policies which the school publishes.

Exam Results

This page contains the school’s latest examination data as well as data from previous academic years.

Performance Tables

Performance tables are generated by the Department of Education and contain a range of data around the school’s performance in various areas. A link to the Carnforth High School performance table is available on this page.


We had our last OFSTED inspection in December 2021. To read the report from that inspection and our previous inspections, please visit this page.


If you are considering applying for a place at Carnforth High School for your child’s secondary education or you are considering a change of school to Carnforth High School, then this page has all the information you need.


We take the welfare and safeguarding of all of our students seriously at Carnforth High School. If you wish to know about the systems we have in place to safeguard all students, then please visit this section.

COVID-19 Information

We will provide all updates around our COVID-19 procedures on this page.


We publish a range of policies to ensure that all stakeholders in our school community are able to find out how we operate key parts of school practice. They can be found on this page.

Financial Information

As an academy school within the Bay Learning Trust, we publish the required financial information on this page.