It is the English Department’s vision that all Carnforth High School pupils will explore, analyse and celebrate language and literature in their many forms and come to appreciate their power, effectiveness and beauty.  Gaining knowledge and skills in the study of English empowers young people with the means by which they can explore and enjoy other worlds and lives and understand and respect those who live a different life to themselves. Carnforth students will become creative risk-takers who are confident writers. They will use these skills to read texts for pleasure and with analytical insight, they will be confident in their spoken communication and they will develop a skill set to use beyond school. The life-changing possibilities of using language with accuracy and purpose will be a thread which runs through the teaching from year 7 to 11 and across subjects.  Confidence, purpose and respect underpins everything we do.

Curriculum Information

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English Curriculum Overview 24 Jan 2024 .pdf
English Curriculum Map 24 Jan 2024 .pdf
Eduqas GCSE English Language Eduqas GCSE English Literature

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