Media Studies


Media Studies provides students with the opportunity to have a challenging, interesting and creative subject to study.  We aim to inspire a love of all aspects of Media, from the study of moving-image to advertising and marketing. Through the study of media, students will develop independence, critical thinking and decision-making skills through consideration of issues that are important, real and relevant to them and the world in which they live; to ensure they succeed within it.

In a world where the Media can control, our students at Carnforth High School will become confident critical thinkers; they will explore and investigate a variety of Media formats and products which have changed the face of our modern culture forever. From the historical, social and cultural impact of the Media to the impact of representation, audiences, industries and choice of language, students will study the Media in great depths as ultimately the Media studies them.

Curriculum Information

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Media Studies Curriculum Overview 24 Jan 2024 .pdf
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AQA GCSE Media Studies

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