At Carnforth we are excited to teach science to every student who joins us, regardless of their starting points from Primary school. We aim that by the end of the 5 years at Carnforth, we have encouraged students to have confidence to ask questions about the world around them and how it works and given them the knowledge and skills to understand this.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children are able to acquire key scientific knowledge through practical experiences; using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently. All students follow the same curriculum with scaffolded support where needed which is withdrawn as and when pupils are confident in a concept. KS3 covers the whole of the National Curriculum for Science and one Biology, Chemistry and Physics topic is taught each term. At KS4 we build on this knowledge and deliver AQA trilogy or triple science to all students.

Curriculum Information

Document Name Document Updated Document Type
Science Curriculum Overview 24 Jan 2024 .pdf
Science Curriculum Map 24 Jan 2024 .pdf
AQA GCSE Combined Science AQA GCSE Biology AQA GCSE Chemistry AQA GCSE Physics

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