At Carnforth High School we see our students as ‘trainee historians’. The purpose of our ambitious and challenging curriculum is to develop our trainees into ‘exceptional historians’ who leave the school as ‘lifelong historians’ with a lasting enthusiasm for history.

To achieve this, we have set ourselves four key objectives:

  • To give students secure substantive knowledge of the breadth of British history and other significant world events.
  • To give students secure disciplinary knowledge and understanding of how historical study works and the key concepts, developing the key skills of an historian.
  • To empower students to construct their own interpretations of the past through study of evidence and making inferences.
  • To encourage the development of students’ ethics and morality, helping them to understand modern society through the study of the past.

Curriculum Information

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History Curriculum Overview 10 Feb 2022 .pdf
History Curriculum Map 10 Feb 2022 .pdf
Edexcel GCSE History

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